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At the Stairs - ID: 15360631 © Christopher  Budny
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At the Stairs
After my initial exploration here, to try out new multi-row panorama gear, I was happy with the resulting image (entitled "Parclose Stairs".) Or so I thought, in my early haste! Shortly after, I realized that image's composition could be (and should be) improved. Namely, the crisp shadow of the curving iron railing at lower right (itself a favorite subject of mine!) had been cut off in my image. I can't count how many times I've shot here; yet in my eagerness, I missed that the shadow would be lost. Back I went for a new set of images, setting up a few feet further back from the railing and capturing a far wider field of view, left to right.
I'm much happier with this result, largely due to that intact shadow, but also the long view down into the receding depths of the hall, and the inclusion of the dark oak door at left.
Always "work the scene", right?!! ;)
© Christopher Budny

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